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You probably have some questions. Hopefully you can find your answers here:

To create a fast, secure, and memorable website, you need more than just a platform to build it on. You need a web host that can also host your email and other provide tools for online marketing and SEO. Hoastoast offers these services and more to give you a great head start with your new website.

When you create a website, you're creating an online presence. This allows you to reach people that you might not be able to reach otherwise. Whether you're making a basic website with contact information for your small business or medical practice, creating a landing page for your freelance work, a multi-page experience for your wedding photography business or you just want a place to blog about your life – the options are endless.

Even if you have a small business and you only serve your local community, you still need a website. That's because people go to the web first when they're looking for something. A website helps every business promote and sell their products and services, connect with new customers (and keep existing customers), build credibility, and compete with bigger businesses.

A website is also the best way to start building your online presence. Hoastoast offers a wide range of products that can help you get your business on the web, including email, marketing and more.

The good news, is that these services are significantly less expensive than you might think.

You want to create an online hub that combines the best of everything you have. Hoastoast Website Builder gives you that option. By creating a central location for your home page, you get to connect with visitors from all your social media accounts. This is a seamless experience for your online visitors, because they don’t have to keep going back and forth to see your updates.

Creating a website is a relatively small effort that can have a huge impact on your business’ bottom line. Here’s how to start building your website: 

  • Get organized
    1. Think about the info and images you want to include on your website and what categories you’ll need to organize that content. Maybe you’ll need an About page with contact info, or a Menu page to show off tasty treats? You’ll make quick progress if you can map out a general structure before you start creating your site.
  • Choose a website template
    1. Pick a template to get started, or hit Start for Free to have Websites + Marketing generate a business-relevant template for you.
  • Customize your website
    1. Use our easy editor to add your content, products and business info, and customize colors, fonts and layouts. 
  • Choose your domain
    1. Register a custom domain or connect one you already own to your website. This helps people easily identify your business from your site’s online address.
  • Optimize your website for search engines
    1. Use the premium SEO optimizer to ensure your website is easily found on search engines like Google.
  • Launch your website
    Publish your website and watch your business grow, while managing everything — like website updates, reviews and social posts — from one dashboard, on any device.

If you want your business to scale and have a professional appearance then the answer is yes. Your customers see that you have taken the time to invest your efforts into your business and they understand that you are serious. Here are some reasons you should definitely get professional email for your business:

  1. Customers are much more likely to trust a professional address like joe@joesauto.com than joesauto@notmail.com.
  2. Professional Email provides world-class security with industry-leading spam and virus filters.
  3. Personalized email addresses promote your business more effectively. Every time you send an email, you are giving your web address to customers and prospects, encouraging them to visit your website.