Small businesses in South Africa can build websites easily with Website Builder



DomainBot Website Builder is a one-stop solution to all your digital marketing needs. It is a powerful and professional tool which enables you to create a website and get it up and running in no time. Many small businesses have already used this product to establish their online presence in record time.

DomainBot is an easy and professional solution to help you build your own website. In minutes, you will be able to create a beautiful website with a fully-integrated marketing and e-commerce tool. All of your website's pages are created in real-time, and you can even add your own images, videos, and social media feeds! This solution enables you to create your own fully functional website quickly — even if you've never built one before.

No matter what you're selling, you need a website to connect with people online. Website Builder is for small business owners, dreamers, and schemers. It also helps you grow when your business does. Start with a simple site now and add new capabilities when you're ready.

Looking for a professional-looking website without spending a thousand bucks?

DomainBot enables the growth of South African entrepreneurs. We know that entrepreneurs are high on energy but short on time. That’s why we created Website Builder, specifically for people who want to build a website but have no time for it.

A carefully crafted design just for you.

What is your business called? What nature of business is it? Once we know this, we can suggest some great site features and images for your online store. To make your site more personal, you can customise these.

We've got thousands of professional images you can use for free.

With free, beautiful photography available to anyone, your website will reflect your expertise and passion for your business. If you have your own photos, you can upload those too. The Website Builder editor lets you change the layout of your site with a single swipe. It's easy to experiment with different website designs.

Colours and fonts

Be professional. No design skills or tech-savvy required. Our designs are already pre-selected for you for your next website. You just have to click, click, click.

Mix-and-match sections

Make your site look good with different combinations of available components. As your needs change, you can always add new features. When you’re ready to add an e-mail signup form, a calendar of events, or a video, it’s easy to update your Website Builder site.

Publish website updates to Google, Facebook, e-mail & more

If you’re going to invest in building a website, you need to put some marketing power behind it. With Website Builder, you get integrated marketing features that help you show up in search results, connect with people on social media and drive repeat traffic. When you make changes to your website, this will save you time by automatically updating your online marketing presence for you.

Google rankings

AIf you want to build a website, you need to invest in marketing it. You get marketing features with Website Builder that help you show up in search results, connect with people on social networks, and drive repeat traffic. When you make changes to your website, this will save you time by updating your online marketing presence automatically.

Facebook page

Businesses must have a Facebook page in order to build their online presence. By using this tool, you can easily update your page with the information and content from your website.

E-mail marketing

With Start building an email list on your website. Use our built-in email marketing tool to send emails to customers. Send campaigns that drive repeat traffic and help you build a following. Manage multiple lists and track campaign results.

Update Update Update

Update your site from any device. You no longer need to be in the office to keep your website up to date. With our mobile editor, you can update your website from your phone, tablet, or computer. You can also customise your site design and upload new photos from your mobile phone or tablet—no app required!

Fast checkout with mobile shopping

If you're like most people, you've probably wondered how to sell online. It's easy! With Website Builder, your mobile-friendly online store will offer a seamless shopping and checkout experience. Whether you're ready to sell online now or want to wait, Website Builder is the perfect solution for your business.

Get help 24/7

If you’re getting ready to launch your e-commerce site, here’s some great news: our award-winning customer support representatives are always ready to help you bring your idea online. If you have a question at 2 am, we’re here. Our customer support is available 24/7/365.

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